FIRST AID KIT BOX with 32 Items, For Home, Office Traveling Vehicle

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High quality First Aid /Novelty /Medicine Box.

Do you have a medicine box in your house or office? Chances are that you do.

Does it look like a medicine box? Chances are it doesn’t. Most people have an old box stuffed with medicines. Your medicine box deserves more respect than that.

We are presenting you this novelty good looking medicine box. It looks like a medicine box, so you will use it only for that purpose. You can arrange all your common medicines and first aid supplies in this.

You can use one or more depending upon requirement.

Outer Dimension – 21 cm X 13cm X 12cm (L x B x H)

Material – Food Grade Plastic/ Medical Grade


Quantity Name of Items Use/Application of Items
1 Ab Cotton Wool IP It can be used to treat cuts and grazes with the addition of a disinfectant..
1 Ab Gauze Swab It absorbs residual fluid wiping Cleaning the wound & dressing
4 Ab.Gauze Roll 5CM 8M It absorbs residual fluid wiping Cleaning the wound & dressing
1 Adhesive Tape  Micro Porous It  is Skin barrier Micro porous to skin to Breathe
1 Adhesive Tape USP. It is used for dressing purposes in case of wound or cut.
4 Antiseptic Swabs It Individually wrapped sachets with antiseptic based swabs to clean and treat injured body areas before dressing.
5 BAND-AID Wash proof It is flexible enough to move with you anywhere you go.
1 BURN HEAL 15G To prevent infection in minor superficial burns, cuts and wounds, first apply cold water, the apply BURN HEAL directly.
10 Cetrizine  CITRA Usage of CITRA (10 mg)- Cetrizine – Tablet. Allergic rhinitis, ocular symptoms like redness, lacrimation and itching.
1 Clinical Thermometer EZ-LIFE It is used for measuring human body temperature. (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit)
5 Clove It is used for upset stomach and to cough up phlegm.
1 Cotton  Crepe Bandage It is Stretchable Orthocare belt. (Size: 5cmx4mtr Long)
12 Cotton Buds Are to clean the external part of your ears after your shower or bath.
4 Disposable Gloves It is used during medical procedures.
1 ENO 5GM It is taken to provide instant relief from acidity, gastric discomfort.
1 Eye Wash Cup Washing your eyes with water to relieve pain from small objects stuck in the eyes and bacteria contamination.
3 Face Mask Disposable It is to give protection against air-born germs.
1 Glucon D 125GM It gives instant energy & rejuvenation while taking with water.
10 ISODRIL – 5 Warning: Isosorbide dinitrate regular and extended-release tablets are used to prevent angina attacks but will not treat an angina attack. Before taking Isosorbide dinitrate, tell your doctor if you have congestive HEART FAILURE, LOW BLOOD PRESSURE/KIDNEY disease.
1 Life Buoy Shop 35GM This soap leaves you clean and fresh for your skin.
1 Omnigel  30gm It is a pain reliever, scientifically formulated for effective pain relief.
3 ORS Orange Flavor It is useful in preventing dehydration caused by diarrhea. (21.8gm )
15 Paracetamol  Tab.CALPOL It is a widely used analgesic pain reliever and antipyretic fever reducer.
1 Salt  20gm Warn salt water gargle removes sore trough pain.
1 Savlon 50ml This is Antiseptic Solution is applied on minor cuts, bruises and wounds.
1 Scissor It is used for cutting various thin materials
1 SOFRAMYCIN  30G This Cream is applied on cuts, wounds and burns.
2 Syringe 2ml +  23g Needle It used with needles to inject liquid into body tissues, or to remove from the body.
2 Syringe 5ml + 23g Needle It used with needles to inject liquid into body tissues, or to remove from the body.
1 Vicks Vaporub 5gm It gives relief from cough and nasal congestion in the common cold and influenza.
4 Wooden Splint Gentle pressure is applied for stimulating while attempting cough & used in Bone support etc.
1 Plastic Carry Box with handle It contains Total 101 quantities of  above 32 Items