Each drop makes a difference

One of the most precious gifts you can give to a person is blood. Each drop you donate promises hope of life to the other person. Often we hear many appeals on the requirement of blood. Emergency situations, such as accidents, loss of blood during surgery, women with complications in pregnancy and children with severe anaemia make it the need of the hour for blood to be pumped in back to the body.

Blood donation is a noble and wise cause one can volunteer for. With a variety of blood groups, it is highly necessary to volunteer for this noble cause. This also helps your body in numerous ways. Research suggests that blood donors are 33 percent less likely to suffer a cardiovascular disease and heart attack.

  • Anti cancer benefits – Donating blood reduces risk of cancer to a person. Donation helps the iron levels to be balanced and is maintained at healthy levels. Reduction in iron lowers cancer risk.


  • Healthy liver and heart – Most of the heart and liver disorders are due to overload in iron levels. Since, only limited portions can be absorbed, excess iron gets stored in heart and liver. Donation helps again in maintaining a healthy balance.


  • Stimulates new blood cells – once your body has donated sufficient blood, the body works again to replenish blood loss. This inturn stimulates the production of new blood cells and maintaining good health.


  • Induce ‘positive’ feeling – donating blood makes a difference to the mind as well and makes them feel good about themselves that they have helped save another life.



  • And most importantly, with all the health benefits it helps in longer life, to the donor and also the receiver.

Donation of blood comes with certain pre requisites. Please consult your doctor before proceeding.