Broken Arm First Aid

The fracture of an arm bone is not as serious as that of a leg bone because the victim is usually able to walk and get to the hospital relatively easily. The aims of first aid treatment for a broken arm are to control any bleeding, to support the injured arm with a sling, and to transport the victim to the hospital, keeping the arm as still as possible.

Treating a broken arm:

  1. Sit the victim down and treat any wound. Ask the victim to support the injured arm across his chest so that it feels comfortable. Tell him/her to hold the injured hand a little higher than the elbow.Broken Arm First Aid
  1. Put some padding between the arm and the chest for comfort, then support the injured arm with a sling. To keep the arm still, tie another folded triangular bandage around the chest and over the sling.

 broken arm 2

  1. Take or send the victim to the hospital to have the injury assessed. Make sure the arm is kept still during the trip to the hospital.
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