Bleeding From the Mouth

Damage to a tooth and cuts to the mouth linings, lips, or tongue are common cause of bleeding from the mouth. The aim of first aid treatment is to control severe building; large amounts of blood, if swallowed, can cause vomiting, while inhalation of blood can cause choking.

Treating bleeding from the mouth

  1. Ask victim to sit with his/ her head tilted forward. This helps the blood to drain away. Press a gauze on the wound for up to 10 minutes to stop the bleeding.
  1. Monitor the wound, and if it continues to bleed, take a fresh gauze pad and reapply pressure for 10 more minutes. Encourage the victim to spit out blood rather than swallow it.


Treating a knocked out tooth

  1. If an adult tooth is knocked out, replant it in its socket and tell the victim to see the dentist right away. If the teeth can’t be replaced, place it in milk or water until the victim reaches a dentist or doctor. If a baby tooth is knocked out, do not attempt to replant it.Bleeding From the Mouth1
  2. If the knocked out tooth cannot be found, place a thick gauze pad across the socket, making sure that the pad stands higher than the teeth on either side of the gap. Tell the victim to bite on the pad.Bleeding From the Mouth2